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Computer Science

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Computer Science

Maxwell Dworkin 141
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Cambridge MA 02138

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dbrooks {at} eecs.harvard.edu

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My research focuses on the interaction between the architecture and software of computer systems and underlying hardware implementation challenges.  These challenges include power, reliability, and variability issues across embedded and high-performance computing systems.  A basic tenet of my research is that architecture design must be cognizant of these implementation issues, and that multi-layer solutions spanning circuits, architecture, and software can provide significant advantages. Addressing technology-scaling issues in a multi-layer fashion requires an understanding of the impact at the silicon level, and we have completed several prototype chip designs to meet these goals.

I have written a short summary of my research activities, and a longer research narrative.  


CS 141:

Computing Hardware

[Fall '15]


CS 246:

Computer Architecture
[Fall '19]



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Friday, 11am-Noon

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