Micro's Top Picks from Computer Architecture Conferences

Call For Papers

Special Issue of IEEE Micro: Micro's Top Picks from Computer Architecture Conferences Jan/Feb 2008.

IEEE Micro will publish its yearly Special Issue of Micro's Top Picks from Computer Architecture Conferences in its Jan/Feb 2008 issue. This issue collects some of this year's most significant research publications in Computer Architecture based on novelty and industry relevance. Industry relevance is understood as the potential to impact
the computer industry in either the short or the long term.



Any computer architecture paper published in the top conferences of 2007 (including Micro-2007) is eligible.


Key Dates

Submission Deadline: Monday, 24 September 2007, 5:00 p.m. US CDT (no extensions allowed).
Author Notification: 24 October 2007.
Final Manuscripts Due: 12 November 2007 (no extensions allowed).
Publication of Special Issue: Jan/Feb 2008. Authors will receive a certificate in recognition of their selection for Micro's Top Picks.



To simplify reviewing, there is a mandatory format for the submissions. Please submit a three-page, 10-point, double-column document. The first two pages should summarize the paper. The third page should explain why the work is of relevance and importance to architects and designers of current or future-generation microprocessors or computing systems.  Please also provide a 1-paragraph summary/abstract of your paper for the submission website.

Submissions that exceed the 3-page limit will not be reviewed.

The document should contain the names of the authors. In a footnote, it should contain the title of the original conference paper, with the full name of the conference, page numbers, and date of publication. Please also include a web address where the conference paper is posted.

Organizing Committee

Steering Committee Chair: Pradip Bose, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs: Sarita Adve (UIUC), David Brooks (Harvard), Craig Zilles (UIUC).

Program Committee

Dennis Abts, Cray
David Albonesi, Cornell University
Erik Altman, IBM
David August, Princeton University
Todd Austin, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Bryan Black, AMD
Pradip Bose, IBM
Doug Burger, University of Texas at Austin
Calin Cascaval, IBM
Yen-Kuang Chen, Intel
Lieven Eeckhout, Ghent University
Krisztian Flautner, ARM
Rajiv Gupta, University of California at Riverside
Mark D. Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steve Keckler, University of Texas at Austin
Alvin Lebeck, Duke University
Mikko Lipasti, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Margaret Martonosi, Princeton University
Chuck Moore, AMD
Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Pennsylvania State University
Chris J. Newburn, Intel
Mark Oskin, University of Washington
Vijay Pai, Purdue University
Ravi Rajwar, Intel
Partha Ranganathan, HP
Eric Rotenberg, North Carolina State University
Amir Roth, University of Pennsylvania
Andre Seznec, IRISA/INRIA
Balaram Sinharoy, IBM
Josep Torrellas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Uri Weiser, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Chris Wilkerson, Intel
David Wood, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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